An Introduction to COMOS


Over the years and currently, there exists numerous design software to address the need for engineering design in South Africa’s Mining, Minerals and Metals industry. Different Engineering design software packages are available to address

different engineering disciplines, these being Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Piping Engineering, Process, Control and Instrumentation, etc. COMOS demonstrates a new leap in technological advancement as it is one of the first to accommodate integrated management of plant engineering projects using a single software package and platform.


What is COMOS?

COMOS is indeed a multidisciplinary Engineering and plant design software that was developed with the sole aim of simplifying the running and day to day management of plant engineering projects and plants. From engineering design, operations, and modernisation to dismantling; COMOS can do it all on a single cloud-based database that allows access to plant information from anywhere and at any time. COMOS makes it possible for any organisation to manage the entire plant lifecycle on using one software solution.

What are the benefits?

The COMOS software offers an extensive list of benefits, which still go largely unnoticed considering the level of awareness in South Africa. These are the most easily identifiable:

  1. Greatly simplifies the entire plant engineering lifecycle
  2. Minimizes data loss as all multidisciplinary design and documentation is done on a single database/platform.
  3. Saves the organisation time as data transfer from one design software to another is eliminated.
  4. Saves money in the long run as all information is stored safely on a cloud-based system.
  5. Design and implementation are more harmonious and effective because of multidiscipline integration.
  6. The entire lifecycle of a plant can be managed using this single platform, on a single database, making the everyday running of the plant and organisation much more effective and increasing productivity.

The future is COMOS

With all its benefits, it has become apparent that COMOS is the future of design and documentation of plant engineering projects due to its unique capabilities in design and integration of multidiscipline Engineering. However, for various reasons, COMOS implementation in mining organisations has proved to be a challenge in South Africa. The learning curve appears to be too steep for the Mining, Minerals and Metals industry to catch on and take advantage of this technological advancement. Putting aside the costs associated with COMOS, and that it is generally seen as expensive, the benefits do outweigh the cons and COMOS will eventually find its way into most organisations as the solutions to the current industry problems.

Anglo-American Platinum is one of, if not the only mining pioneers in South Africa who have taken the decision to implement COMOS across every plant engineering project. Hopefully, a lot more Mining organisations will soon make the same decisive decision so more industry players such as Small and Large EPCs are influenced to use COMOS in their design and documentation of plant engineering projects. Only then will we see COMOS being fully implemented and taken advantage of to a satisfactory level.



Post by: Lehlohonolo Mafereka