What is COMOS?

COMOS is an engineering design software platform that allows for  multidiscipline designs (Process, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Electrical) to be executed and integrated on one cloud-based system for a cohesive engineering solution. These software capabilities are an answer to problems that the Mining, Minerals and Metals industry has been facing using alternative traditional engineering design software commonly used for plant engineering projects.

Our Design Process

Each discipline has a designated Project Manager and Project Engineer from our client firms. These are the people heading up the design process. They then give our team the lead and direction to make it possible for our team to produce designs catered for their specific organisational needs. Our team of Engineering Designers would then transfer this vision into the COMOS platform and bring the designs alive with client standards and specifications adhered to.


Our COMOS experience is reliant on, and all thanks to the work we do hand in hand with our clients. When we learn, we achieve together. We have come a long way in our COMOS journey and capabilities. Soon, we will extend our reach to:

PCS7 Integration

COMOS 3D Engineering

COMOS Isometrics

COMOS Lifecycle


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