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Onsite vs Offsite COMOS Design Assistance

COMOS Market Information
Different COMOS Design Assistance options There are different ways to get engineering design projects executed in COMOS for your projects. Both these ways would allow EPCMs to deliver all projects to their clients on time, within budget, and adhering to clients/end users’ standards and specifications. The EPCM in question would…

COMOS Crossing into the Mainstream South African Market

Although COMOS has proven to be a capable design and plant lifecycle management tool, it is natural that it takes longer than expected for it to be fully integrated into the South African Industrial Automation Industry. This is attributable to COMOS being a new technology introduced into the market and will go…




An Introduction to COMOS

Onsite vs Offsite COMOS Design Assistance

COMOS Crossing into the Mainstream South African Market

Frank Czymek on COMOS & the DigitalTwin Global Progress

Reimer Jan Monsma on COMOS DigitalTwin Progress in the SA Market

Chrisna Evans on SA’s Readiness for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Theko Letsie on Challenges Slowing Down the Uptake of COMOS

Ian Gebbie on COMOS & Other Multidiscipline Design Packages

Marc Francois on Anglo American Platinum’s COMOS Vision

The 3 Pillars of a Successful COMOS Implementation Model

COMOS User challenges you might encounter in your COMOS Journey 

12 Challenges with COMOS Implementation in the African Market


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