To contribute towards a more Effective, Efficient, Collaborative, Inclusive, Integrated and Accessible Process Control Industry through on-demand COMOS Design Assistant Services


Our current mission is to be the best COMOS implementers in the African Process Control Industry with an aim of improving our   “3E-6-Star Individualized Customer Experience”


FrequencyShift Values which form part of our Ideology are the same as 3E Group Values namely.

Customer Centricity
We will strive to offer unmatched and continuously improved ways in which we resolve our customer problems.
Collaboration and Sharing
We will continuously lower the barriers of all-inclusive value creating opportunities by leveraging on worldwide resources and technologies which will enable us to find creative new ways to resolve our customer problems.
Inspiring Excellence
We are committed to becoming the best at what we do.
Experimenting and Falling
We will continuously experiment with new ideas and We will embrace “Falling-Forward-Sooner”, so we can learn and succeed sooner.
Continuous Improvement
We will ways find ways to be better than what we were yesterday, and We will create a rigorous environment where Our Partners will stretch beyond their comfort zones in order to realize their full potential and their dreams.


3E Group Culture is based on the following 3 key pillars


We shall be trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere to our customers, partners, and our selves.


We are not constrained by our current state


We remain responsible, answerable, and accountable for all our duties and our promises.


We continuously seek to improve our customers Individualised Customer Experience by;

Communicating with our customers

Offering solutions based on Customers Jobs-to-be-Done, Circumstances and Problems faced by our customers

Delivering on our promises

Delivering on services and products on time

Ensuring our customers are serviced and supported by qualified personnel

Investing on improving the ways we service our customers.